Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lemon or Lemonade??

How are you? This is the traditional manner in which a person is received. All that I have met have been so personally interested, but this is very customary. Africans are oh so polite and gracious..
So we got some sleep and got on our project this morning. We went to Ikwerra SACCO today - left hotel at 830 and back by about 530. I hope to post photos in the coming days.....our Field Officer who is accompanying us had to stop at his family's home nearby, and so his Dad was on his way to his farm, but stayed to be hospitable.  He introduced us to his wife, other 3 sons, and 4 daughters including a granddaughter. They served us tea, bread, a banana dish as well as cassava. 
The SACCO is so small, that we had to walk across the street where they had chairs set up underneth a mango tree......and out of the sun. Itwas 34 degrees around supper, but much hotter earlier, so probably a good idea to relax.Was great until mangos started dropping from the tree...... 
We went to a nearby village for supper, and honestly, I feel that we will be able to make a difference with this SACCO. Tomorrow we will hope to visit some members and how the SACCO has made an infuential and formative difference in the lives of the SACCO 
Here's my aha moment for the day: 
Driving up long roads where you are going 80 kms and then 2 kms because of flooded out roads etc,  We have a great driver, John, thank God. So part of the drive included driving by a fairly larg puddle. There was a car in it - so because it was basically a ditch, I assumed that he ended up in there by accident and that he was stuck. THEN on the way home I noticed a large puddle with motorcyles in it, and then realilzed- they were washing the motorbikes. It struck me that I was willing to accept the negative, and yet the people of Africa see this and many other situations as a positive. hhmm........they all seem to make lemonade out of lemons......there is no pretense, they just do what they need to do. That car owner was happy that he was able to wash his car! 
Today: be happy that you are in charge of your future. 
sweet dreams........b :-)

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